KIX brings together 68 low- and middle-income countries that are partners of the Global Partnership for Education to identify common policy challenges and facilitate knowledge sharing and evidence building. KIX currently funds 12 projects, including one project that supports scaling efforts of grantees and conducts research on scaling across them. Click through the countries in the map to learn about the work that is being done in each country.



  • Ce que fait le KIX
  • Ce que fait le KIX
  • Ce que fait le KIX

KIX is designed to be shaped by the demand from national education systems and respond to their principal policy and programming challenges. KIX both funds research and facilitates knowledge sharing among country stakeholders to enhance their education systems using relevant evidence and actionable research.


Children wearing personal protective equipment in class.

From the onset of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, it was clear that countries, including their education sectors, were not prepared. …

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There is much to reflect upon as 2020 comes to an end. We’ve been challenged to reimagine how to work, socialize, learn—and merely co-exist—in the…

Fasil, 11, works a puzzle at the Felege Abay Elementary School, Bahar Dar, Ethiopia.

Tackling inequalities and exclusion in education are fundamental parts of GPE’s mission and the Sustainable Development Goals. Almost one in five…