Bishkek: Gallery of Digital Educational Initiatives

13 February 2023
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Credit: Taalim-Forum, Kyrgyzstan

In October 2022, Taalim Forum Public Foundation, in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic, the American University of Central Asia, and local organizations, organized the Gallery of Digital Educational Initiatives. Twelve local organizations were given the opportunity to present their digital educational products, programs, online courses and schools designed to enhance knowledge and skills in ICTs for teachers, students, parents, and school leaders. Many of the initiatives were launched during the quarantine periods associated with COVID-19. For example:

Starting in 2020, the online school Mugalim has been developing a “community of advanced teachers”. They trained more than 1,500 teachers across the country in the skills and competencies for teachers of the 21st century. They presented their online courses in neuro-pedagogy, learning psychology, instructional design, and STEM technologies, which are in high demand among teachers. These initiatives connect rural teachers from different parts of the Kyrgyz Republic who can put into practice innovative teaching methods and approaches. They increase teachers’ proficiency in information technology, activate their creative potential, and strengthen their leadership skills.

The information system “Kundoluk” demonstrated its solutions for automating educational processes and school management. Gallery participants and visitors learned about various educational platforms, including the learning platform iBilim that was developed by Taalim-Forum Public Foundation. It includes multimedia learning resources in 7 primary school subjects in two languages. The educational platforms Khan Academy Kyrgyz, ilimBox, and “Online Mektep” of the “Creative-Taalim” school and others were also presented to participants and visitors to showcase the wide variety of educational innovations that are available to strengthen the quality and accessibility of distance education.

The Gallery was organized as part of the project “Distance Education to Improve Quality and Access to Education” with the support of the Global Partnership for Education Knowledge and Innovation Exchange (KIX), a joint endeavour with the International Development Research Centre, Canada.

Information about the project can be found here: