Third Annual KIX Symposium Day 2 - Data Systems and Data Use

Day 2 of the Third Annual KIX Symposium on Data Systems and Data Use, held October 13, 2022.


  • Dr. Terje Aksel Sanner, Institute of Informatics, University of Oslo;
  • Alpha Bah, Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education, The Gambia;
  • Renaud Comba, UNICEF Office of Research Innocenti;
  • Voahangy Rahelimanantsoa, Ministry of National Education, Madagascar;
  • Marina Dreux Frotté, KIX EAP Hub
  • Moosa Adam, Ministry of Education, Maldives


Moderator: Hamidou Boukary, KIX IDRC


KIX brings together 85 low- and middle-income countries that are partners of the Global Partnership for Education to identify common policy challenges and facilitate knowledge sharing and evidence building. KIX currently funds 41 projects across these 85 countries. Click through the countries in the map to learn about the work that is being done in each country.



  • Ce que fait le KIX
  • Ce que fait le KIX
  • Ce que fait le KIX

KIX is designed to be shaped by the demand from national education systems and respond to their principal policy and programming challenges. KIX both funds research and facilitates knowledge sharing among country stakeholders to enhance their education systems using relevant evidence and actionable research.


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