KIX EAP Team Retreat: Planning for KIX 2.0

10 February 2023
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Credit: NORRAG

The first KIX EAP team retreat successfully took place on 17-19 January 2023 in-person in the Maldives. The KIX EAP Hub team met with 23 country representatives from 18 KIX EAP countries for three fruitful days of reflection, brainstorming, and collaboration as participants worked to develop a vision for the second stage of KIX. The retreat was graciously coordinated by the Maldives National KIX Coordinator Visal Moosa and the National Steering Committee.

The first day of the retreat was spent on reflection, looking back over the successes and challenges faced by KIX EAP. Ultimately, country representatives felt strongly that KIX EAP has already created a meaningful impact in the region. Yet, there are plenty of areas for growth and new areas of need in the next phase of KIX. The work on the second day pivoted to look ahead to KIX 2.0. Country representatives shared what they envision success to look like for KIX EAP in 2027, ways KIX EAP can contribute to systemic reform, and new and innovative ideas for the KIX EAP Hub to execute its future work. The country representatives emphasized a desire to create self-reliant, sustainable structures in this next stage of KIX. On the third and final day, part of the KIX EAP team and the Maldives National Team visited the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Higher Education with the Minister of Higher Education, where there were discussions on how KIX can support both Ministries. They then joined the other retreat participants for visits to Maldives National University, Immaddin School, and the National Museum.

Overall, the country representatives brought great enthusiasm for the work of the KIX EAP Hub thus far and high hopes for the future of KIX. They stressed the importance of KIX EAP’s role as a knowledge broker in the region and its crucial work as a bridge between policy analysis and educational planning. After three days of listening to invaluable insights, feedback, and requests from all the country representatives, the KIX EAP Hub team will now work to incorporate this information and collaboratively develop the next phase of KIX to start in April 2023.