Gender equality

The Back2School Project: Scaling an Accelerated Learning Model for Out-of-School Girls in Rural Communities in Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania

Despite worldwide commitments to provide universal primary and secondary education, there has been little progress in reducing the number of out-of-school children in Sub-Saharan Africa, and this issue is expected to be further compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic with many children not returning to schools. The issue is particularly prominent among rural girls who—facing cultural, systemic and structural barriers—either never enroll or drop out before completing their education.

The Forum of African Women Educationalists’ gender-sensitive school model as an innovative response to the challenge of gender equality 

Accessing, completing, and succeeding in school have been major challenges for girls in Africa. Compared to boys, girls are more likely to be out of school, and they face more obstacles to their progress, participation, and learning than boys. COVID-19 has now exacerbated these difficulties by keeping girls away from school for a long period of time, exposing them to early marriages, sexual assaults, and teen pregnancies.