School Leaders

School leaders as agents of change towards equity and inclusion

Equity and inclusion in education are policy priorities yet many girls and children with disabilities (CWD) experience multiple barriers that exclude them from quality education and holds countries back from reaching their human, economic and political development goals. Barriers include, among others family/community issues, concerns over safety of girls on their journey to school and pedagogical practices to adapt teaching to the learning needs of different children.

Strengthening Teachers and School Principals' Capacity for Scaling Innovation from the Bottom Up in the Education System in the Caribbean 

This project aims to enhance the capacity of local actors (teachers, principals, and education administrators) in Haiti and St Lucia's education system to identify and understand concrete educational challenges, devise and test solutions, and share results with peers and decision-makers. Those elements will enable an innovation culture from the bottom up within the education systems aligned with a threefold goal of addressing social needs, improving key stakeholders' capacities, and using scarce resources efficiently.