KIX funding announced for research into regional education priorities and challenges in Europe, Asia, and the Pacific

28 June 2021
Girl smiling in class
Credit: GPE/Chantal Rigaud

The Global Partnership for Education Knowledge and Innovation Exchange (KIX) has selected six new projects from its recent regional call for proposals to generate and mobilize innovative knowledge for education challenges in Europe, Asia, and the Pacific. Each project aims to build and mobilize knowledge so that national education systems in developing country contexts can address shared policy challenges related to improving access, quality and the performance of their systems.  

Last year, the regional KIX hub for Europe, Asia and the Pacific Region (KIX EAP)  conducted a targeted study to identify key regional education challenges among the GPE partner countries that make up the hub. The hub then brought together national education policy makers from GPE partner countries, local education groups, and education experts to identify the region’s key education priorities and share and validate results. Through this process, the hub identified the following priority areas: realizing the potential of new curricula; optimizing education management information systems (EMIS); inclusive access and stronger learning outcomes; and improving distance teaching and learning. In identifying these education challenges across the twenty-one countries that make up the KIX EAP hub, these meetings, and the report, informed the local and regional research agenda and shaped the project proposals for the KIX EAP region.

The selected projects address shared policy challenges and propose a diverse range of approaches to increase the impact of education innovations, working in countries across the region. In particular, this cohort of projects looks to address uneven access to opportunities for quality education and to improve learning outcomes, both in the pandemic context and beyond.  

More information on each of KIX’s exciting new projects can be found below, with more updates on their activities to follow:  


* These projects will commence following the signage of the grant agreement.