Enhancing data utilization and decision-making in Bhutan's education system: Motherboard Integrated Education Management Information System (MIEMIS)
Project Abstract

This project focuses on enhancing education in Bhutan through data-driven decision-making. In addition to the centrally administered Education Management Information System (EMIS), many schools in Bhutan have recently started implementing Motherboard, a data system to monitor student performance. However, these systems currently operate independently. The project aims to maximize their potential by combining them to improve data collection, validation, and interpretation processes. By assessing adaptability, scalability, and implementation, the project seeks to enhance data utilization to promote gender equality, equity and inclusion, and improve educational outcomes. It explores factors influencing system utilization and investigates the effective use of EMIS, the Motherboard, Artificial Intelligence, and social media platforms. Through mixed-methods research, it seeks to inform policymakers and empower practitioners to utilize these systems effectively to drive decision-making and improve education in Bhutan.   

Project Stats

Project Leader:Gembo Tshering
Implementing Countries: Bhutan
Main Theme: Data Systems
Duration: 24 months