Empowering schools as frontliners: Enhancing the implementation of violence prevention and management policy in Indonesian schools
Project Abstract

The implementation of policies and programs to reduce violence against children often faces challenges. In August 2023, the Indonesian Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (MoECRT) issued a ministerial regulation to enable and support schools as frontline actors in preventing and managing violence in schools. To enhance and support the effective implementation of the Ministerial Regulation, this research project addresses three main questions: 

  1. What are the successes and challenges faced by schools? 
  2. What improvements, adaptations and support are needed to ensure effective implementation in schools? 
  3. How can implementation be adapted to include gender equality and inclusion considerations and strategies? 

The study aims to produce a set of modules and recommendations for sub-national and national government agencies for their scale up. The study also seeks to provide an analysis of areas within the implementation process where gender equality and inclusion considerations should be integrated, strengthened and streamlined. The study uses the Continuous Improvement Research methodology, which focuses on pragmatism and action orientation.

Project Stats

Implementing Organization: Pusat Kajian Perlindungan Anak/Center on Child Protection and Wellbeing (Lead)
Project Leader:Widi Laras Sari
Implementing Countries: Indonesia
Duration: 24 months