Teachers improve their digital skills in Tajikistan

23 February 2024
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In October 2023, the “Anahita” public organization and the Institute for Advanced Training and Retraining of Teachers under the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tajikistan conducted a 2-day training on the interactive course “Digital Teacher Skills”. 35 teachers from various regions of the country and Dushanbe city participated in the training. The training module for teachers was developed as part of the project “Distance Education to Improve the Quality and Access to School Education in Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, and Tajikistan”, with the support of the Global Partnership for Education Knowledge and Innovation Exchange (GPE KIX). Research conducted in Tajikistan revealed a predominance of basic digital skills among teachers.

During the training, teachers received information about the use of modern technologies in education, improved their computer literacy, exchanged experience and knowledge with colleagues, and acquired new skills in working with digital devices and programs. These included the use of an electronic board, tools for creating visually attractive and interesting presentations, Google tools and using email, online communication platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Participants had the opportunity to consolidate their acquired knowledge and skills in practice.

The head of the Institute for Advanced Training of Teachers noted the timeliness of training teachers in practical digital skills since they are entrusted with the role of agents of change in the era of digitalization of school education.

The training participants showed particular interest in modern educational technologies, new innovative teaching methods, and current issues of new technical education. The training participants, trainers, and methodologists of the Institute for Advanced Studies provided feedback on improving the content of the module, in identifying future strategies for preparing teachers capable of teaching in a digital educational environment, which will ultimately lead to improved quality and increased access to school education in Tajikistan.