KIX Africa 19 Hub Newsletter 7

13 March 2024
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The KIX Africa 19 Hub is excited to share this newsletter to acknowledge and celebrate our collective achievements and milestones in the last months of 2023. In this newsletter, you can learn more about some of the Hub's and its partners' developments including: 

  • KIX Africa 19 Hub Country Briefs  
  • Policy Dialogues in Zambia and Zanzibar  
  • Community of Practice on Gender-Responsive Education 
  • Reflections from the second GPEKIX Continental Symposium 
  • Knowledge Exchange Among Four Countries on Teacher Development 
  • IICBA webinar series with KIX Africa 21 on teachers

Follow us on Twitter to keep updated on Africa 19 Hub activities, and see the newsletter here: KIX Africa 19 Hub Newsletter #7.