Event Highlights: KIX EAP webinar on Teachers as Agents of Change - Supporting, Enabling, and Empowering

04 March 2021
Students listen to their school teacher, Shuma Das during class at the Sahabatpur Daspara Ananda school in Sahabatpur village, Bangladesh
Credit: Dominic Chavez/World Bank

On February 24, 2021, NORRAG, together with the Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Education, HertsCam Network, CairoCam Network, Teacher Leadership in Kazakhstan, School for All Educational Foundation, Soros Foundation Kazakhstan and ProDidactica Education Centre Moldova, hosted the 6th webinar by the KIX Europe, Asia and Pacific hub (KIX EAP). The topic of the webinar was  Teachers as Agents of Change: Supporting, Enabling, and Empowering and it was attended by 260 participants from 44 countries. The webinar was conducted in English with simultaneous interpretation into Russian, Arabic and Kazakh.


Webinar recording (English version): 


The webinar was organized in three sessions, each followed by a discussion, and questions and answers session. First, Dr. David Frost, Dr. Amina El Temamy, Dr. Rima Bezede and Saule Kalikova, presented on ‘The genesis of and rationale for the International Teacher Leadership (ITL) initiative.’ The speakers highlighted ways in which the ITL initiative implemented strategies to empower teachers, fostering collaboration and creating networking opportunities, resulting in the cultivation of sustainable teacher leadership in the education system. Dr. Gulmira Qanay, Diane Campkin and Zhanibek Batyr facilitated the session on ‘The experience of non-positional teacher leadership’ through the teacher-led development work (TLDW). The final session on ‘Teacher Leadership in Kazakhstan initiative’ was facilitated by Dr. Gulmira Qanay, Dr. David Frost, and Dr. Matthew Courtney during which the implementation process and aspirations for future scaling up were highlighted.


Highly engaged participants shared insights on:


  • the changing role of teacher leadership and the need for teachers’ collaboration and networking opportunities in the context of Covid-19,
  • the potential for TLDW to ignite change and bring about opportunities, and
  • the need for global education organizations to create enabling environments for teacher leadership to thrive in many other countries.


Please find the webinar slides here.


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