The Need to Renew Teachers’ Skills and Knowledge in the 21st Century: A Look at the African Context

March 31 2021 02:00 pm - 04:00 pm GMT
Virtual roundtable

The recent study carried out by the KIX Africa 21 hub has made it possible to provide information on the priorities put forward in the 21 partner countries. Among the four priority themes identified, the first concerns initial and continuing teacher training which, according to the literature review, goes hand in hand with capacity building for all education sector staff.

In view of the current challenges and the important role of teachers in achieving high-quality education, the question arises as to what the fundamental knowledge and skills are that need to be addressed in teacher training in the 21st century to ensure high-quality education. This question is accompanied by a reflection on the relevance of curricula to better meet society’s needs in terms of technological development, employability and citizenship.

In an attempt to answer this question, a series of virtual roundtable discussions will be organized, the first of which will be held on March 31, 2021.

This first roundtable discussion, entitled “The need to renew teachers’ skills and knowledge in the 21st century: a look at the African context,” will aim to open the debate on the future of education systems in the KIX Africa 21 partner countries, particularly in terms of skills and new pedagogical practices in teacher training. It will also contribute to enhancing reflection on the trajectories to be rethought for an inclusive and high-quality future education in the KIX Africa 21 partner countries.

Objectives of the roundtable discussion: 

• To talk about the skills that initial and continuing teacher training must consider in the face of the many technological, environmental, pandemic, economic, and other challenges;
• To fuel national policy dialogue on the new skills to consider in teacher training;
• To strengthen education stakeholders’ skills on education issues, in particular with regard to teacher training.

Expected results:

• The potential links between the many societal challenges, the skills expected of learners, and teacher training are explored;
• New knowledge on the skills to consider in teacher training are shared with the education stakeholders in the KIX Africa 21 partner countries;
• The education stakeholders’ skills are strengthened on education issues, including those in relation to teacher training.

The roundtable discussion will be organized in a virtual format via an online platform. To register and to receive the connection parameters, please visit: