KIX Africa 19 Hub Webinar on Teacher Motivation in Africa

September 21 2023 03:00 pm - 05:00 pm EAT
Event flyer

The third webinar in a three-part series focusing on African teachers provides an opportunity for education authorities, partners in education, school leaders, teachers and teacher educators to explore and deliberate on the various strategies that can improve the production, retention and motivation of competent teachers amidst the changing context of the profession in Africa. The webinar will provide a platform to:

  • discuss potential challenges teachers face affecting their intrinsic and extrinsic motivation amidst the changing context of the teaching profession; 
  • reflect on the global, regional and national instruments, systems, policies and frameworks that advocate for the attraction of the best and most motivated candidates to teaching, and factors that have been impeding their actualisation;
  • explore new ways of revitalizing the status of teachers, their voice and their value in society; and
  • foster experiential learning among teachers, school leaders and teacher educators, education experts and partners to promote an environment of wellbeing during and after school reopening.