KIX Africa 19 Hub CoP in Early Childhood Care and Education

December 25 2023 09:00 am - January 31 2024 05:00 pm EAT
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This Community of Practice (CoP) serves as a platform for policy actors invested in gender-responsive early childhood care and education (ECCE) policies and practices across sub-Saharan Africa. The objectives include creating, connecting, and mobilizing a CoP to enhance understanding and capacity in ECCE policies.

Expected outcomes encompass increased awareness, improved capacity, strengthened collaboration, and the development of innovative approaches. Participants, predominantly GPE and KIX focal points and ECCE leads from KIX Africa 19 Hub countries, are encouraged to bring real-life examples and evidence on ECCE equality from their countries. The sessions will be held virtually on Zoom, with asynchronous discussions on WhatsApp for ongoing peer engagement. During and following the CoP, participants will be invited to create a professional action plan summarizing their learning and commitments to integrate ECCE into their departments.

This follows the 2021 three-workshop CoP focusing on strengthening early childhood care and education (ECCE) systems. Facilitated by UNICEF ESARO experts, the first workshop took place on December 11, 2023. Additional sessions in January 2024 will allow participants to present applied learning tasks.