Equity and inclusion in education: limitations, perspectives and good practices

May 05 2021 02:30 pm - 04:30 pm GMT
Virtual webinar

The issue of inclusion and equity in education systems is one that has been raised by partner countries from KIX Africa 21 Hub. This can be explained by the large number of students failing and dropping out of school in the countries concerned. The main causes are poverty, disabilities of all kinds, the lifestyles of certain segments of the population (nomads, fishermen, etc.), the geographical distance from the centres of power, stereotypes to the detriment of girls, gender-based violence, teaching methods that aren’t adapted to the language of instruction, etc.

These are all factors that undermine equity and inclusion policies, which all decision-makers must take into account in order to better understand educational policies, the planning and programming of strategies.

By organizing this round table, the KIX Africa 21 Hub intends to contribute to the achievement of the SDG4 and the indicators of the Education 2030 Framework for Action, which operationalizes the global agenda in education and gives a prominent place to inclusion and equity in education.

Specific objectives

- Monitor country commitments on equity and inclusion in the implementation of the SDG4;

- Identify countries’ needs for effective implementation of equity and inclusion policies;

- Addressing equity from the girl target perspective, especially in the context of Covid-19);

- Develop reflection on the issues of disability, school dropout prevention, nomadic and street children, children displaced by conflicts and natural disasters, etc.;

- Question the resolution of the problem in vocational and technical training or in other areas of the education and training continuum (pre-professionalization).


Expected results

- National team members from KIX countries are informed about good equity and inclusion practices in education systems;

- National team members from KIX countries have taken on new challenges in relation to innovative practices on equity and inclusion in education systems;

- National team members from KIX countries agreed on research avenues, advocacy and capacity building on specific themes.

The round table will be organized in virtual format via an online platform with group activities.

Link to join the meeting: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/2216195311681/WN_bGxvxnj9SCOSyD1xpXHl1A