“Promoting the Scalability of Educational Innovations” Webinar with Brookings

18 July 2023
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Credit: KIX LAC

SUMMA - KIX LAC held the second webinar of the Lab-Ed project, “Promoting the Scalability of Educational Innovations in Latin America and the Caribbean”, which was co-organized by SUMMA and Brookings Institution.

This Webinar is part of the activities of Lab-Ed, a SUMMA-KIX LAC Innovation in Education laboratory, which seeks to respond to priority problems and educational justice, through the identification, support and dissemination of promising educational innovations with high impact potential.

The meeting included presentations by SUMMA’s Director, Javier González, “Scaling to Include” and by Brad Olsen, Lead Researcher of the Centre for Universal Education for the Global Economy and Development Program (ROSIE) at Brookings Institution, “Lessons to Scale Innovations in Developing Countries”.

The fundamental principles of scaling were highlighted:

  1. It is not lineal. It can proceed in various directions, including stopping or going backwards.
  2. It’s not just about the size of coverage, it has to create a lasting impact.
  3. Scaling must be integrated with systems transformation.
  4. Context matters. The particular conditions of each context are going to change and are going to be adapted according to the way in which the innovation is used, and for this reason it must be contextualized.
  5. There is no magic solution. Innovations must be worked on, adapted, evaluated and readjusted as needed by the project.

After the meeting, a Scalability Workshop was held for the implementation teams of the initiatives recognized in 2022 and for the members of the monitoring committee that are part of Lab-Ed. The purpose of this workshop was to provide concrete tools that make it easier to think about the scalability of projects.  The workshop included Brad Olsen’s participation, from Brookings Institution, and Maud Seghers, VVOB Global Strategic Advisor.

Link to the web note: https://www.summaedu.org/se-realizo-el-webinar-lab-ed-summa-kix-lac-pro…

Video Link in English: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDAPU5W6Pas&list=PLbWJjgkLaXpgXy5wv1-9m…