Leveraging artificial intelligence to improve education in Central Asia

11 October 2023
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Credit: Taalim-Forum

A key lecture “Artificial intelligence in education: how to succeed in the new reality?” was presented at the 2nd International Conference “Educational Strategies and Innovations in the Era of Digitalization'' in Kyrgyzstan. The presenter Dr. Emma Sabzalieva from McGill University (Canada) is a prominent expert in higher education in Central Asia and previously headed the UNESCO IESALC project on artificial intelligence (AI). In her lecture, Dr. Sabzalieva highlighted examples of different universities using AI in teaching, learning, assessment and research, and the competencies and skills needed by educators and students in the rapidly evolving digital age. Along with new features and benefits of AI, she emphasized personalized learning, the ability to provide immediate feedback, make recommendations, tailor assessment tools, identify learning styles and patterns, and measure student progress. More than 50 questions to the lecturer addressed various aspects of the use of AI in education, including educational policies, strategies, practical application in teaching and learning, and compliance with academic integrity and ethics. The lecture aroused a great interest among the participants of the conference and set the tone for the rest of the event. It also initiated discussions on revising educational policies in Central Asian countries in the era of digitalization, developing new strategies for teachers’ professional development and leadership, and the responsible application of AI in education. 

The conference was organized in the framework of the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) Knowledge and Innovation Exchange (KIX) research project led by Taalim-Forum, which is bringing together educators, researchers and managers from Central Asian countries to enhance professional dialogue, to share knowledge, experience on digitalization in education, and to find synergies and solutions.