KIX EMAP Hub Awards First KIX EMAP Fellowship

12 October 2023
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Credit: KIX EMAP Hub

The KIX EMAP Hub, with the support of NORRAG, has awarded the first KIX EMAP Fellowship, a new activity in the KIX extension. This year it has been offered as a partial scholarship for the Geneva Graduate Institute’s (IHEID) Innovative Financing for Education Executive Education Course (IFE EE). The IFE EE is taught online by instructors from NORRAG and the Graduate Institute. Half of the tuition fees for the course are covered by the KIX EMAP Fellowship and the other half by NORRAG. With the support of the KIX national teams, two candidates were selected: Orzugul Goyibova from Uzbekistan and Nima Tshering from Bhutan.

IHEID’s Executive Education Programme offers flexible and certified programmes to help executives take a step forward in their career through practical expertise, anchored in cutting-edge research. The IFE EE Course equips education and finance professionals with skills to understand, analyse, evaluate, and design innovative financing approaches to realise SDG 4 and SDG 17 in domestic and international education financing. Through real-life case studies, the course covers a broad range of innovative financing mechanisms introduced within the education sector to critically analyse the relevance, applicability, adaptability, efficiency, efficacy, and effectiveness of such financing models. Additionally, with comprehensive advisement from the instructors, participants will engage in a final project designing an innovative financing approach to solve an education challenge identified in a specific context.

In the KIX extension, the KIX EMAP Hub is offering fellowships for a select group of national policy experts to complete comprehensive training on one of the reform priorities of their country. These individuals must be based in institutions responsible for policy research or sector research and put in charge of leading a transformative change in their education system. The fellowships are for participation in online programmes which meet regularly over a period of 3-6 months and lead to a recognised training certification. The Hub actively carries out quality assurance at all stages of the capacity-strengthening activity, from the targeted recruitment of participants to the evaluation of the fellowship.

KIX EMAP Fellowship Recipients

Orzugul Goyibova currently works as a Leading Specialist at the Ministry of Preschool and School Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan. She earned a master’s in education leadership and policy from the University of Bristol (2022) and has a bachelor’s in philology and teaching from Bukhara State University (2019). She is a young professional with a strong understanding of education policy and demonstrated expertise in developing innovative solutions to enhance the quality of education while working in different projects at a government level. She has exceptional leadership skills and takes a collaborative approach, committed to driving organisational growth and achieving excellence in all areas of responsibility.

Nima Tshering currently works as a Public Policy Specialist for the Royal Government of Bhutan. He earned a master’s degree in public policy from the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University (2012) and a master’s degree in management from the University of Canterbury (2005). Tshering has experience assessing skills and education outcomes, such as informing the Bhutan’s Education Blueprint 2014-2024 on Bhutan’s strategy for girls’ high-quality learning outcomes, assessing and advocating girl-friendly boarding schools, promoting female default entrepreneurial ecosystem, creating pathways for young women to work and made evidenced-based policy recommendations. He also helped to create a policy that made teachers the highest paid civil servant in Bhutan. He is currently working on policy for school resource allocation to improve the quality of education.