KIX EAP Podcast: Pakistani educational governance, reflections for the international development community with Sajid Ali

29 June 2022
Credit: NORRAG

This episode of the KIX EAP Podcast, hosted by Ryan Allen, Assistant Professor, Chapman University (USA), features Dr Sajid Ali, the Amir Sultan Chinoy Associate Professor at the Aga Khan University’s Institute for Educational Development, Pakistan – and guest speaker in the recent KIX EAP webinar 12. In the podcast, Dr Ali discusses educational governance in Pakistan and offers advice to the international development community.

The KIX EAP Podcast promotes diverse voices in the education discourse, with guests from government, academia, or civil society. Our host Ryan Allen talks with senior educational intellectuals, authors and practitioners from 21 countries in the Europe, Asia and Pacific region. Reach out to us if you know of anyone who could feature on the KIX EAP podcast.


NORRAG NETWORK · Educational governance in Pakistan, reflection for the international dev. community with Sajid Ali

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