The KIX EAP Hub is now the KIX EMAP Hub

14 September 2023
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Credit: KIX EMAP Hub

With the extension of the GPE KIX Regional Hubs […] through June 2027, the KIX EAP Hub will see a number of changes as it continues to serve as one of the four regional Hubs of the Global Partnership for Education’s (GPE) Knowledge Innovation Exchange (KIX). The most visible change is the rebranding of the Hub from the KIX EAP to the KIX EMAP Hub, now underway.

The Hub is excited to announce a name more reflective of the region in which it works and the new countries that will join its ranks in this second phase of KIX. EMAP, previously EAP, stands for the Eastern Europe, Middle East and North Africa, Asia and Pacific region. The KIX EMAP logo has been updated to reflect this change, as has the website and social media accounts.

In the coming months, the KIX EMAP Hub will host three sub-regional launches to formally announce all the new changes and to welcome the new countries into the Hub community (dates to be announced). Keep an eye out for more information in the weeks to come.