Togo launches activities for the promotion of KIX

07 February 2022
Credit: KIX Afrique 21

The KIX Africa 21 Hub led by the AUF, CONFEMEN, IFEF/OIF consortium of which IFEF is the lead organization, along with the Ministère des Enseignements Primaire Secondaire Technique et de l’Artisanat (MEPSTA), proceeded on Monday, January 17, 2022, at the Relais de la Caisse in Lomé, to the official launch of the activities of the program of sharing of knowledge and innovations (KIX) in Togo.

Chaired by Mr. Pyabalo Nabede, Cabinet Director of MEPSTA, representing the Minister Dodzi Komla Kokoroko, this workshop was part of the important process of setting up a mechanism for sharing knowledge and innovations in education in Togo. It was an opportunity for the main stakeholders of education in the country to adopt the objectives of the KIX program and the missions assigned to the KIX Africa 21 Hub.

Opening the series of speeches, Mr. Passassim Atade Nanguit, representing the Director of the Regional Office of the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF) for West Africa, said that through the KIX program and through the Institut pour l’éducation et la formation (IFEF), the Francophonie, with the support of AUF and CONFEMEN, is committed to addressing the challenges faced by educational systems and to facilitating the sharing of experiences, good practises and tools of the countries concerned.

Mr. Pyabalo Nabede said that new challenges must be met to ensure that the education offered complies with economic needs. He also renewed the commitment of the ministry in charge of education in Togo to participate in the process of knowledge mobilization and the scaling up of innovations, while wishing a good completion of the activities of the KIX program in Togo.

Following the official speeches, Dr. Maimouna Sissoko-Touré, Coordinator of the Centre KIX Africa 21 Hub, reminded that KIX is a joint global initiative of the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) and the International Development Research Centre (IDRC). She went on to emphasize that the KIX Africa 21 Hub, which is led by AUF, CONFEMEN and IFEF/OIF,  is working to improve the educational systems of 21 sub-Saharan African countries through research, capacity building, and the sharing of knowledge and innovations that bring about qualitative change. She concluded her speech by thanking the Togo team for their involvement in the Centre's activities.

Taking the floor is Professor Boubacar Niane, IOF Expert for the KIX. He presented the process of institutionalization of the culture of sharing and use of knowledge and innovations in education started by the KIX Africa 21 Hub, in a co-construction with partner countries. Afterwards, a presentation of the National Coordination Team and the activities planned at the national level was made by Mr. Kokou Essohanam Biyao, member of the KIX Togo team.