Portfolio of KIX Global Grants Projects

26 January 2021
Stack of notebooks on the ground in a classroom.
Credit: GPE / Kelley Lynch

Numerous innovations exist to address education challenges, however little is known about how to sustainably adapt and scale evidence-based innovations with proven impact in developing contexts. The KIX Global Grants projects are one contribution to this knowledge gap. Each of the 12 projects funded by KIX aims to generate knowledge and evidence to support the adaptation of proven innovations to address key education priorities in GPE member countries; and mobilize research and knowledge to support the scaling of these proven innovations. 

The projects are managed by 12 lead organizations and 20 consortium partners located across 44 countries and they are divided into five education themes that are central to KIX: teaching, learning, early childhood education, learning assessment systems, and strengthening data systems.

You can find a snapshot of each of these 12 multi-regional projects by browsing through our “Global Grants Portfolio”, which provides information about each project all in one place. You can find additional information on each project and links to their activities and events in the “Projects” section of our website.

English Portfolio

French Portfolio

Spanish Portfolio

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