New online course for teachers in Mongolia

23 February 2024
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Credit: NNC

From September to November 2023, Nomadic Nature Conservation (NNC), a member of the Consortium implementing the project “Distance Education to Improve the Quality and Access to School Education in Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, and Tajikistan” piloted a new training course for teachers and students on digital competence, together with the Educational Information and Technology Center under the Ministry of Education and Science of Mongolia. The online course was developed based on the needs of teachers in remote regions of Mongolia and young professionals who lack skills in using the National platform, which contains 20,000 electronic materials and lessons developed by the country's best teachers and experts in accordance with the national curriculum. It is recommended for use by all teachers and students.

During the pilot, more than 80 teachers mastered the skills of developing digital lesson content, became familiar with the requirements for compliance with copyright and the use of open educational resources, and new methods and approaches for developing online lessons.

After piloting the course, structural units of the Ministry of Education and Science of Mongolia gave positive feedback on the course. To expand access to this online course, it was posted on the national platform and is now available to teachers and students - future teachers of Mongolia.