The KIX Annual Report: 2019-2020

10 August 2020
Front cover of the KIX Annual Report
Credit: IDRC/Cheryl Chan

The KIX Annual Report is now complete! The purpose of the report is to review and put in context progress made in KIX’ first year of operations, starting from its launch on April 1, 2019, through to March 31, 2020.   

It highlights measures taken to build a firm base for KIX’ efforts—establishing regional hubs for learning and exchange; creating a funding mechanism and launching calls for proposals; creating a framework for monitoring and evaluating our progress; and developing a strategy to communicate and engage with partners and research users.    

The report presents a summary of the main mechanisms of the initiative, lessons learned from our progress to date, and a financial summary. Finally, we conclude by highlighting plans and priorities for the coming year of operations.