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Thank you for your interest in submitting a blog to our website ( Before submitting a blog to the website, please review the guidelines and then fill out the form below. We accept blogs in English, French and Spanish.


Your blog should include the following items and you can enter each item in the fields below:

Title: Choose a title that engages readers and represents a major theme in the blog.

Headline: Choose a good headline. You want to catch the reader’s attention, and being clear about your content is the best way to do that. The headline introduces people to what they're about to read, like a short abstract. Your headline should not be longer than 50 characters, including spaces.

Body text: This is where you add the main content for the blog. Keep it short, the blog should be no more than 800-1000 words.

Topic: The content of the blog must be relevant to the major education themes of KIX:

- Advocacy and accountability

- Basic Education

- Gender Equality

- Multilingual Educational Environments

- Out-of-school Children and Youth

- School leaders


- Covid-19 and Education

- Data systems

- Early childhood care and education

- Education in Emergencies

- Education Technology

- Equity and inclusion

- Knowledge mobilization

- Learning

- Learning Assessment Systems

- Monitoring and Evalutation

- Scaling Education Innovations

- Sector planning

- Teaching

- Other

Writing style: Use a conversational tone and to let your personality shine through. Strive to produce an engaging – or challenging – blog post and be sure to convey your enthusiasm.

Sub-headings: Sub-headings are optional but they can help provide structure to your blog and help to guide the reader through the post.

Hyperlinks and References: Use hyperlinks throughout, as need, and avoid footnotes. Link to the actual document instead. Since this form does not read embedded links, you will have to copy the url and put it in brackets beside the word it should be embedded in.

Title image: This image goes at the top of your blog and should be representative of the content of the blog. Make sure to submit an image that you have the rights to use and include an image credit (i.e. Organization/Name of Photographer).

About the author: Please create a biography for the author that is no more than 100 words.

Author photo: Should you wish to include your headshot with your bio, please uploade it to this form.

Disclaimer: Blog posts tend to be opinion pieces so we may add a disclaimer similar to the following: These are the author’s personal opinions and do not necessarily reflect those of KIX.


Please note that blogging can be a time intensive process. Once your blog post is completed, expect up to three rounds of back-and-forth editing before it is finalized. Keep this timeline in mind when preparing your post. If you have any issues with your submission, please contact:

* We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to edit or refuse to publish any submissions that are inappropriate or do not align with the criteria stated above.

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