KIX EMAP Webinar 17: Whose knowledge is used in education?

December 06 2023 12:00 pm - 01:30 pm CET
Credit: NORRAG

The webinar will be conducted in English with interpretation in Arabic and Russian.

The 17th KIX EMAP Webinar will be run in partnership with NORRAG’s #TheSouthAlsoKnows initiative on 6 December 2023. It will provide a space for openly discussing knowledge equity in education systems of the Europe, Middle East and North Africa, Asia and Pacific (EMAP) region. Bringing together experts from the EMAP region, the webinar will aim to surface a more localised understanding of knowledge inequities in education policy, research and practice and their impact on education systems.

The webinar will be held on Zoom. An introductory presentation about knowledge (in)equity in education systems will highlight NORRAG’s #TheSouthAlsoKnows initiative. After that, a roundtable discussion with invited experts will generate open and productive debate on:

  • Why is knowledge equity important, and how does knowledge equity contribute to education equity?
  • What knowledge inequities exist in national contexts, from both research and policy or practice perspectives?
  • What strategies and solutions have been used to address knowledge equity challenges?

The webinar will offer ample opportunities for questions and sharing of experiences.


Anyone is eligible to participate. The webinar is particularly aimed at policy makers, education stakeholders, officials, teachers and academic researchers. To access the webinar, you need to register in advance. Please spread the news about this event to your colleagues and networks, and on social media: @NORRAG and @KIXEMAP.

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