Scaling Education Innovations

A Methodological Review for the Data Must Speak Positive Deviance Research

In the most challenging educational contexts, some schools outperform others despite similar contexts and levels of resources. How do these schools achieve improved outcomes? Data Must Speak (DMS), a global initiative to address evidence gaps to mitigate the learning crisis, provides evidence on what works, why, and how to scale grassroots solutions. This methodological review presents key definitions, concepts, and methodologies of approaches (e.g.

Best Practices in Primary Education for Improving Retention, Reducing Dropout and Enhancing Learning Outcomes in Extreme Poverty and Rural Areas of Ghana

This policy brief explores best practices for improving retention, reducing dropout and enhancing learning outcomes in extreme poverty and rural areas of Ghana. The evidence shows that there are several best practices, within the context of student- and teacher-level interventions, that the government can adopt to address the out of school children situation leading to enhanced levels of participation, retention, and learning outcomes.

Synthesis note of KIX EAP learning cycle 1 feasibility studies on scaling innovations

This paper synthesises six of the insightful case studies related to successful education innovations. It illustrates the complex interaction between innovations and context, as well as deriving universal recommendations for scaling beyond the national context. The following questions are addressed:

  • What innovative elements were successful and which enabling factors contributed to the success?
  • How can innovative elements be scaled according to depth, sustainability, spread and ownership?

Scaling innovative elements of a national education online platform in Uzbekistan

The case study "Scaling innovative elements of a national education online platform in Uzbekistan" is a knowledge product of the first KIX EAP Learning Cycle on "Feasibility Studies on Scaling Innovation". In this study, a team consisting of national education experts from Uzbekistan set out to explore the feasibility of scaling a national education online platform, 'Edu Market', developed by the Ministry of Public Education to expand the knowledge base on scaling innovation in education.