Digital Adaptations for Effective and Inclusive Distance Learning in Rural Communities in Honduras and Nicaragua 
Project Abstract

The Latin American and the Caribbean region faces an educational crisis due to very high levels of inequality. This has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Educational systems have been unable to guarantee continuity of learning in the most vulnerable sectors due to limited access to technology and appropriate learning resources.  

This project seeks to strengthen educational systems to enhance equity and inclusion in rural communities in Honduras and Nicaragua through distance and blended learning models. The models will use a variety of available technologies and appropriate pedagogical frameworks. The project will define and test effective, proven uses of technology — from digital platforms to educational television — and associated learning strategies in culturally diverse rural contexts. It will establish conditions and pathways for scalability and replicability, and will produce public policy guidelines, pedagogical frameworks, technical standards, and resources for the professional training of teachers. 

Project Stats

Implementing Organization: Fundación Ceibal (Lead)
Project Leader:Florencia Ripani
Implementing Countries: Honduras, Nicaragua
Main Theme: Learning
Duration: 32 months