Ulaanbaatar Round table: innovations in distance education

08 February 2022
Credit: Nomadic Nature Conservation, Mongolia

A Round table to discuss innovations in distance education, teaching and learning opportunities, and the challenges of ensuring sustainability of educational innovations was held in Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia) within the Distance education for improving quality and access of education project. The Round table was organized by NNC NGO, a member of the Consortium led by the Taalim-Forum Public Foundation of Kyrgyzstan implementing the project. Among the participants were specialists of state educational institutions under the Ministry of Education of Mongolia, school teachers from remote areas, experts, and researchers in education.

During the meeting, participants discussed available e-learning, digital school management platforms and programs in Mongolia, like “Math Shop”, defined prior challenges in distance education, and tried to think about needs and opportunities for improving quality and access to education through promoting innovations in distance education.

One of the presentations was focused on the National Program on Education of Sustainable Development that helps to protect the environment and promote the eco-friendly lifestyle among the youth. School managers highlighted the benefits of using various platforms specially developed for schools and useful for teachers, students, and parents. Participants highlighted the importance of creating learning platforms adapted for Mongolian school students to help their engagement, and to motivate teachers to improve their ICT skills, important for effective teaching and learning in the time of digitalization of the educational sphere.