Stakeholder Engagement in Mongolia

22 November 2022
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Credit: Taalim-Forum, Kyrgyzstan

In September 2022, members of the Consortium implementing the project "Distance Education to improve quality in Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia and Tajikistan" held several important meetings in Ulaanbaatar with key stakeholders in Mongolia. Meetings at the Ministry of Education and Science were held with the head of the Department of Digital Transformation and Statistics, Namsrai Munkhsanchir, the Director of the Office of Distance Education, Mukhtuya Lkhagvasuren, and the Head of the Center for Information Technologies in Education, Tsermaa Todgerel.

Participants of the meetings discussed the achievements of the Ministry of Education in digital transformation, issues of information systems management, a unified educational network for public schools, the national management system, and the national educational platform In Mongolia, textbooks have been digitized, 2,000 electronic lessons have been developed, and another 2,000 lessons are in process. Consultations and meetings continued in one of the largest universities for training teachers in Mongolia - the Mongolian National University of Education and the Mongolian National Institute for Educational Research.

Country Project Coordinator Tungalagtuya Khukhenduu became a member of the established KIX National Committee of Mongolia. Members became acquainted with the educational projects of UNICEF in Mongolia aimed at supporting the education sector, including developing TV and audio lessons and improving access to education for children from remote regions and children of ethnic minorities. The specialists noted that despite significant progress, the digital transformation of education requires further improvements in developing the national database, identifying levels of student achievement, developing a plan to eliminate backlogs and gaps in knowledge, as well as improving the teacher training system and updating curricula.