Progress and Activities of the KIX Europe, Asia and Pacific Hub

19 November 2021
kix eap
Credit: GPE/Chantal Rigaud

The KIX Regional Hubs are a key knowledge exchange and knowledge brokering mechanism for the initiative. The hubs lay the groundwork for multi-year inter-country learning exchange, facilitate engagement with key in-country partners and contribute to identifying  national and regional priorities in education. The education priorities identified by the hubs informed the regional calls for proposals issued in 2020, and set the stage for the newly funded regional grants projects. In this news item, we provide an update on the progress of the KIX Europe, Asia and Pacific hub.

KIX EAP’s activities and outputs all work towards the hub’s three main objectives:

- Enhancing the utilization of global public goods for national policy analysis and planning

- Mobilizing national experts for agenda setting, policy analysis, and policy advice

- Identifying and learning from successful innovation for future project design


Over the past year, the KIX EAP hub has made tremendous progress towards these ongoing goals through a series of meetings, webinars, learning cycles, podcasts and reports. 

Notably, 13 countries of the KIX EAP region organized a KIX National Steering Committee, including individuals from the government and other members of the Local Education Group (LEG). This committee currently oversees KIX activities, advises the National KIX Coordinator, and reports back to the LEG on KIX activities, progress, and recommendations. The hub held two national KIX Coordinator meetings in the past year. The KIX coordinators presented the needs and demands of their country in terms of education. They also expressed their interest in the exchange of knowledge between countries as a fundamental element to bring valuable inputs for national policy reforms on education. 

The hub also organized a webinar series. The series is designed to enhance the utilization of global public goods for policy and planning at the regional and national level, while promoting knowledge exchange and sharing of experiences across the 21 countries in the EAP region. Some of the topics covered include curriculum implementation and competency-based learning, as well as using evidence in education planning and management. All webinar recordings are available here.

Of particular relevance has been KIX EAP’s Learning Cycles, which are professional development opportunities offered to national education experts from the 21 countries that make up KIX EAP. National experts analyse, contextualise, and produce new knowledge on policy analysis and innovation exchange. The learning cycles are also an opportunity to make national experts internationally visible by lending them support to produce their studies and to disseminate related blog posts and videos. In the past year, 167 national experts from the region have attended the Learning Cycles.

Looking forward, KIX EAP continues its efforts of knowledge exchange and brokering with its upcoming regional conference, KIX Education Policy and Innovation Conference (EPIC). Learn more about the conference and register here.

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