Professional Development Course for National Experts by the KIX EAP Hub

24 July 2020
KIX EAP Learning Cycle
Credit: NORRAG

The KIX regional hub for Europe, Asia and the Pacific (KIX EAP) has put together a professional development course for national experts from the 21 countries that the hub represents. The title of the course is KIX Learning Cycle 1 “Feasibility Study on Scaling Innovation” and participants will learn about scaling impact, how to design an empirical feasibility study, how to collect, analyse and explain data, among many others. This course enables national experts to publish a high-quality, data-based study in which they examine the conditions whereby it is feasible to scale up an existing innovation or a pilot project in their country. It will equip participants with the skill sets applicable in their day-to-day work in policy planning or education research.

A Certificate of Completion will be issued by NORRAG, an associate programme of the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, a flagship university with a focus on international relations, cooperation, and development, and by Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Education, the premier graduate programme in education in Central Asia with an international orientation.


The 14-weeks online course will start on 7 September and end in the week of 7 December 2020. This first course in the learning cycle series will be offered in Russian. The English and Arabic versions of this course will be offered at a later date.

The participants will meet weekly on Zoom for 2 hours during which they will learn in lectures, meet and exchange knowledge with experts from other countries, and get active support from their instructors and research assistants in terms of data analysis, visualisation, editing of papers and reports. National teams will be matched with 2-5 teams from other countries in the region that have a similar interest in terms of thematic priorities of the innovation or pilot project.

To learn about the instructors for this course, click here.


All partner countries of the Global Partnership for Education are eligible to participate.

The national KIX Steering Committee for the KIX EAP Hub will nominate 3 participants – 1 from government, 1 from a research institution (university, civil society, or applied research) and 1 from associations or private foundations.


The deadline to submit nominations by the National KIX Steering Committee is 3 August 2020. For more questions, please reach out to NORRAG at or to your National KIX Coordinator.