Non-sexist Education and Gender Mainstreaming. El Salvador Experience

14 March 2022
Credit: KIX LAC

“When we talk about equality, we talk about equality of conditions, not equality of people, that is when we can identify the potential there is in diversity”

The eleventh edition of KIX Conversations was attended by Yeni Rivas, Gender Manager for the Ministry of Education of El Salvador and KIX LAC Hub representative for this country, who was interviewed by Maciel Morales Aceitón, Researcher at KIX LAC.

On this occasion, the theme delved into the “Non-Sexist Education and Gender Mainstreaming Program. Teacher Training experience in El Salvador”, presenting the main problems faced by girls and boys in matters of roles and gender in schools, as well as the fundamental role of teachers as educators based on the current status of this subject in traditional and social paradigms of education.

The importance of incorporating non-sexist education in the educational aspect of school and, by extension, of the family, was highlighted, starting with the training of teachers, many of whom, due to their own education, still do not have the necessary pedagogical strategies to educate on issues of gender equity and equality.

The Non-Sexist Education Program is one of the priority actions included in the Ministry of Education’s gender equity and equality policy implementation plan, precisely to de-construct inequalities in the education system. The program has the consensus of various actors and the will of more than 1,200 teachers who to date have already been trained on the subject.

Regarding the implementation of the program, the guest speaker commented that, at first, it was difficult because many teachers were afraid of the gender issue due to ignorance, but a training process was carried out with the Teacher Training Institute, established with the Ministry of Education, so that the program would be a priority one.