Launch of KIX Project on Distance Education in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

26 November 2021
Meetings participants
Credit: Nomadic Nature Conservation, Mongolia

Nomadic Nature Conservation (NNC), the non-profit organization in Mongolia, has launched a project on distance education to improve quality and access. The project is implemented by a consortium of three countries - Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, and Tajikistan.

Among the participants of the project presentation were representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science of Mongolia, educational institutions, local and civil society organizations, teachers and parents from the capital city of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar. Consortium members and consultants from Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan joined the event online.

Director of NNC, Tungalagtuya Khuukhenduu, introduced the project staff, consultants, and representatives of the Consortium organizations “Taalim-Forum” (leading organization) and “Anahita”. The Project Lead, Jyldyz Doolbekova, Director of Taalim-Forum, Almagul Osmonova, and the lead researcher Gulnara Ibraeva introduced the goals, objectives, components, and research strategies. During the presentation, participants discussed the current state of distance learning and the impact of the epidemic on education, innovations, and future challenges that need to be addressed in Mongolia.

The Head of Distance Learning Department at the Mongolian State University of Education, Munkhtuya L., described the programs designed to improve online learning and the actions taken to help secondary school teachers to enhance their ICT skills. Secondary school teachers highlighted the challenges they have faced and how much effort has been put into creating curriculum for students who were unable to attend the television and online lessons. Participants discussed the strengths and weaknesses of the current state of distance learning, and what needs to be accomplished in order to improve access to education for children from remote communities and ethnic minorities. This event provided an effective communication platform between participants and stakeholders, and laid the foundation for collaboration and cooperation with prospective partners.