KIX Education Policy Innovation Conference (EPIC) Day 3

22 December 2021
Credit: KIX EAP Hub

On 21 October 2021, the third day of the KIX Education Policy Innovation Conference (EPIC) focused on Educational Assessment. A keynote address titled “Contemporary educational outcomes: what to assess” was delivered by Dr. Isak Froumin, Professor and Academic Director of the Institute of Education of the Higher School of Economics National Research University, Moscow.

Dr. Froumin emphasized in his address the importance of educational outcomes in educational assessment, highlighting that often the discussions focus on the assessment process and assessment techniques, while insufficient attention is paid to what should be assessed. Based on the human capital theory, Dr. Froumin presented a framework for educational outcomes, in which he highlighted the particular importance of assessing not only traditional subject-based competencies but also universal competencies and soft skills. He also gave examples of countries that implement universal competencies in their educational programs and outlined the importance of simplifying the constructs describing educational content and developing new assessment tools in the future.

Following the keynote address, discussions on the topic continued in two blocks of thematic sessions. These sessions were: (i) New Directions In Educational Assessment, (ii) Assessment For Learning In A Changing World, (iii) Measuring Educational Results, and (iv) Reflection On Educational Assessment And Policy Implications.

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