KIX EAP Podcast #2: Maia Bibileishvili, Head of the “Child, Family, Society” (CFS) organisation

06 May 2021
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Credit: KIX EAP

This episode of the KIX EAP Podcast hosted by Ryan Allen, Assistant Professor, Chapman University (USA), features Maia Bibileishvili, Head of the “Child, Family, Society” (CFS) organisation in Georgia. Maia Bibileisvili talks about how her family experience inspired her to advocate for students with disabilities in Georgia. By grassroots organizing and appealing to the highest levels of government, her efforts have helped propel recognition and access for these populations throughout the country.

The KIX EAP Podcast promotes a diversity of voices in the education discourse, with guests from government, academia, or civil society. Our host Ryan Allen talks with senior education intellectuals, authors, and practitioners connected with the Europe, Asia and Pacific region. The hub has team members representing all 21 of the countries in the region who help identify guests for the show. Reach out to the KIX EAP Hub if you have suggestions of individuals that you think should be on the Podcast.



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