KIX Africa 19 Digital Repository: A Celebration of Knowledge Mobilization in Africa

17 December 2020
C. Lavallee/UNESCO
Credit: C. Lavallee/UNESCO

Tuesday, December 8, 2020 marked the launch of the KIX Africa 19 Digital Repository, an online library containing more than 200 resources from the member states and technical partners of the KIX Africa 19 hub.

To celebrate the Hub’s latest achievement, remarks were delivered by several of the Hub’s implementing partners, including the UNESCO IICBA Director, Ms. Yumiko Yokozeki, who congratulated the Hub and appreciated the participation of all involved in a project “long overdue” in the education community. Implementing partners, UNICEF ESARO, and the African Union Commission, echoed the necessity of the Hub project and the importance of knowledge mobilization activities, such as the Digital Repository, to allow for greater sharing of resources and data from countries in the Eastern, Southern and Western Africa region.

A video of testimonials from the Hub’s member states and technical partners was also shared, in which focal points from member states (in Malawi, the Gambia, Kenya, South Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria and Zambia) and from the Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE) and The Flemish Association for Development Cooperation and Technical Assistance (VVOB) expressed their experience participating in the Hub and their hopes for the Africa 19 Digital Repository. Anne Ngatia, KIX focal point from Kenya, appreciated the Repository’s potential to “connect Kenya’s educationalists with information and expertise globally […] and share what works well and at the same time access practices and information that have proved to work well in other countries, for continuous improvement.”

The hub led a virtual tour of the Digital Repository and demonstrated how to access its resources. Tricia Wind, KIX Program Leader at Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC), remarked on the collaboration and integration of the KIX Africa 19 Digital Repository with IDRC’s much anticipated release of a comprehensive, global digital library and collaborative tools for hub members on the KIX Digital Platform. These tools are expected to open up further opportunities for countries and partners across regions to exchange and learn from one another.

Click through the videos below to learn more about the Africa 19 Digital Repository:  shared at the event:


You can access the Africa 19 Digital Repository at