Government laptop distribution for Teacher Professional Development in Ghana

30 May 2023
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Credit: GPE/ Stephan Bachenheimer

Teachers in low-resourced contexts are constrained by weak pedagogical content knowledge, poor quality pre- and in-service training, and inadequate support from education leaders, which negatively impacts the reach and quality of education. The KIX project, Adapting and Scaling Teacher Professional Development Approaches in Ghana, Honduras and Uzbekistan, seeks to understand how and to what extent Informational Communication Technology (ICT) mediated Teacher Professional Development (TPD@Scale) can be used in GPE partner countries to improve all teachers’ access to quality professional learning opportunities which advance the quality of classroom teaching. 

The project has generated new evidence around the importance of ICT mediated TPD for quality and cost-effective TPD@Scale. This evidence strengthens and advocates for continued investment in the “One Teacher One Laptop” initiative to enable ICT mediated TPD moving forward. As a result, laptop distribution was extended to primary and kindergarten teachers in 2022, following earlier distribution to secondary school teachers. This demonstrates a willingness on behalf of the Government of Ghana to shift toward ICT-based teaching and learning as a result of KIX-supported evidence. 

The distribution of laptops allows teachers to more easily access digital online training through National Teaching Council approved modules – reducing the barriers to digital tools so that teaching remains in line with National Teachers Standards across the country.