First edition of the KIX LAC Journal "Research in Education”

28 November 2022
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Credit: KIX LAC

The Laboratory for Research and Innovation in Education for Latin America and the Caribbean – SUMMA – and the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States - OECS - through the Knowledge and Innovation Exchange Hub for Latin America and the Caribbean (KIX LAC), with the support of IDRC, launched the first issue of the Educational Research Journal (available in Spanish only).

Maciel Morales Aceitón, KIX LAC researcher and editor of this first edition, highlighted the importance of these spaces for scientific dissemination to make regional problems in the education sector visible in the face of various crisis situations.

The journal is the result of exhaustive work to compile and present studies and research presented at the 1st Symposium "Educating in Times of Crisis and Emergencies", held in April 2022, focused on depicting the reality of education in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. The journal explores global problems from a local point of view, such as the challenges of educating during a pandemic and the multiple emergencies affecting the region. It analyzes how these situations impact education systems and the socio-emotional well-being of various educational actors and presents strategies and alternatives to overcome these challenges.

Articles (in Spanish only):

The path of scientific evidence to become public policy.
Ministry of Education of Guatemala - Rossen Jenniffer Mirón López.

Articulation between research and action. Safeguarding the right to education in contexts of crisis and emergencies.
KIX LAC - Maciel Morales Aceitón y Raúl Chacón

International framework and resources to ensure the right to education in emergency and crisis situations.
Claudio Osorio Urzúa

Educational mentoring as a tool for stress management in times of crisis.
Carla Leticia Paz Delgado

Locally driven learning innovation through collaborative work among teachers in rural areas during COVID.
Kristin Rosekrans / Carolina Bodewig / Celia Morán

Emergencies and Education: Contributions of the RedLEI in strengthening teaching teams.
Paola Andrade / Rafael Meza / Mariela Zelada

Teacher professional learning and the role of digital technologies in the transition to remote education: The case of Honduras in the context of COVID-19.
Carolina Cuéllar / Álvaro González / Macarena Hernández / María Angélica Guzmán

Dialogues on mathematics teaching in pandemic times: The experience of Salvadoran teachers.
Jeser Candray

Educating in multi-emergencies: A qualitative study on the well-being of Nicaraguan teachers.
Alejandra Vijil Morin

Without aim or direction. The family-school relationship in contexts of insecurity.
Pauline Martin