Event Highlights: KIX Africa 19 hub workshop examines monitoring and evaluating competency-based curriculum

27 August 2021

A session on monitoring and evaluating (M&E) competency-based learnings concluded the series on the realities of competency-based curriculum reform and review. During the session, the African Curriculum Association, who facilitated the four-part workshop, covered topics such as the importance of curriculum alignment, the benefits and challenges of educational management information systems, and other key M&E concepts.

Participants discussed and listed opportunities and educational policies that could support the development and implementation of M&E frameworks. The chair of the taskforce responsible for establishing a teacher education institution in Uganda identified the “importance of involvement of all stakeholders in curriculum design” as a key takeaway from the session. Professor Betty Ezati further added that, “Since we are developing our teacher education curriculum, we shall consult as widely as possible.” The plan will include the training of “tutors and lecturers before rolling out the curriculum”.

To encourage and sustain conversations amongst participants during and following the session, Adam Mohamed, a Local Education Group Coordinator in Somalia, proposed for “African countries to create regional hubs to share information on CBC.” Nura Ibrahim, Education Program Manager at USAID Nigeria, indicated that he would ”share the knowledge through a brown bag to the national education development group” that occurs monthly.

The fourth workshop is a part of the recently completed six-part Community of Practice (CoP) on the Foundations of Educational Qualities. To watch the full recording of the workshop, click here.

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