Event Highlight: Launch of the KIX Observatory on COVID-19 Responses in Educational Systems in Africa

10 December 2020
Credit: Cheryl Chan/IDRC

On November 17th, 2020, the Association for the Development of Education in Africa (ADEA) and the African Union’s International Centre for Girls’ and Women’s Education in Africa (AU/CIEFFA) hosted an event to launch the KIX Observatory on COVID-19 responses in the educational systems in Africa. The KIX Observatory collects, synthesizes, and mobilizes evidence about COVID-19 responses in primary and secondary education in Africa, where the pandemic is expected to roll back recent gains in education access and quality and compound existing educational inequalities. The project is managed by ADEA and AU/CIEFFA with the technical support from UNESCO-UIS. 

The virtual event attracted around 200 educational stakeholders. This included representatives from the African Union, ministers of education from Rwanda and Côte d’Ivoire, and Rwanda, permanent secretary of the ministry of education from Mozambique, government representatives, and KIX Hub country focal points. The event was also joined by development partners (e.g. GPE, IDRC, UNICEF, UNESCO, and USAID), and representatives from the private sector, academia and research institutions, civil society organizations, youth, and the media. 

The meeting generated interesting discussions around the latest efforts and strategies being undertaken towards school reopening and, in particular, teacher preparation and support as well as learner safety and well-being.  Special attention was given to showcase how countries have addressed issues related to gender, equity, inclusion, and resilience of education systems in the face of possible future pandemics or crises.

To read more details about the launch event, click here. You may watch the recording of the event at: https://youtu.be/P742KDjCqdo 


You can read more about the KIX Observatory here.