Event Highlight: KIX EAP Webinar on Using ‘Evidence’ in Educational Planning and Management

23 June 2021
Credit: @arlington_research / https://unsplash.com/

On May 27, 2021, the KIX EAP Hub organised a webinar on “Using ‘Evidence’ in Educational Planning and Management”. The webinar was organised with NORRAG and UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning (UNESCO IIEP). This virtual event was attended by more than 200 experts from over 60 countries. The webinar was conducted in English with interpretation into Arabic, French and Russian. The webinar featured three speakers, and each presentation was followed by a lively discussion.


27 May 2021 KIX EAP Webinar: Using ‘Evidence’ in Educational Planning and Management (EN) from NORRAG NETWORK on Vimeo.

The first speaker, Amélie A. Gagnon, Senior Programme Specialist at UNESCO IIEP, presented:

  1.  evidence as a worldview, a polysemic, complex and constantly evolving concept that depends on many factors, including social relations;
  2. potential biases in evidence production and usage, and the concept of epistemic injustice. Those who produce evidence are in the position of power and those who are asked to use the evidence are often excluded from producing and accessing it and
  3. ideas to change the paradigm for more efficient education planning.

The questions raised during the discussion covered (i) challenges in the context of teachers, (ii) how to assess data before using it, and (iii) the need to shift from evidence-informed to evidence-critical practice.

The second speaker, Germán Vargas Mesa, Assistant Programme Specialist at UNESCO IIEP, presented and explained in detail the functionality of the Education Policy Toolbox, an open-access tool that gathers evidence to inform decision making in education planning. The follow-up discussion addressed a pressing issue of data sharing.

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