Event Highlight: KIX Conversations by KIX LAC Hub

21 October 2020
"With KIX LAC we can be competitive in teacher training issues at an international level"
Credit: KIX LAC Hub

On October 21, 2020, KIX LAC hub held the first edition of KIX Conversations with the Undersecretary of Education in Honduras, Gloria Menjívar. The discussion centered around the progress, lessons and challenges of teacher professional development in Honduras.

Menjívar was interviewed by Christian Silva, the Director of Communications of SUMMA, and together they discussed the initial and continuing training for teachers, the current legal framework and the new challenges in the context of Covid-19. Menjívar emphasized that "the field of teaching is not pursued by today’s students". She highlighted the importance of the teaching career as "it supports the pillar of development of a nation, which is education.” Regarding the KIX LAC hub, of which Honduras is a part, she mentioned that they “hope to strengthen the teacher training program to be in line with international trends. With KIX LAC we can achieve many things, since it is a long-term program that we are going to take advantage of ."

Menjívar noted that the main challenges for teacher professional development during the pandemic have been aligning teacher training with the reality of the classrooms, attracting and retaining better students; initiating innovative “training of trainers” processes; and ensuring that teachers feel valued. To resolve these challenges, Honduras’ Secretary of Education has engaged in practices such as suspending face-to-face classes, providing technological support in remote locations, and agreements with international libraries.

Menjívar concluded with a message for teachers: “with the pandemic we can exhibit vulnerabilities, but we have the opportunity to also exhibit our capacities as teachers, our commitment, sacrifice, will, resilience, passion and vocation. Let's learn from the circumstances and work together ”.

KIX Conversations is available on YouTube with subtitles in English and French.