Call for Applications – KIX EAP Learning Cycle: Integration of 21st Century Skills (CS) in Curriculum

11 May 2021

The integration of 21st Century Skills (21CS) in national education systems has been identified as a key interest by policymakers. Skills such as critical thinking, creative thinking, and collaboration are considered particularly important to succeed in today’s society in which innovation and technology are predominant.

Thus, this learning cycle aims to:

- support countries to conduct a needs analysis of their current integration of skills into the curriculum, and

- develop a curriculum reform strategic plan for further integration, provide resources to aid that plan, and build capacity to action the plan.

Course Duration: 14th June 2021 – 9th July 2021 (4 weeks)

Application deadline: May 25th 2021.

Check out the course flyer.

To apply, click here.

*We strongly recommend that teams of 3-5 individuals/ education experts apply and IF applying as a team, one member can apply on behalf of the team, but make sure to provide a group motivation statement and attach CVs of all the team members in the application form.

Please don't hesitate to email  if you have any questions regarding the application process.