2nd Symposium “Educating in Times of Crisis and Emergency”

28 June 2022
Credit: KIX LAC

The second KIX LAC Symposium, organized by SUMMA and the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) -  with the support of the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and the Inter-agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE), again generated a meeting space around the various knowledge and tools developed by the countries during the crisis experienced in recent times.

The first panel “Research’s Challenge to Strengthen Educational Actions Focused on Crisis and Emergency Contexts” opened with the main presentation by Dr. Joel Warrican, director of the School of Education at the University of West Indies, on “Research in the Caribbean: how to fight the prejudices of Western frameworks”, who stressed that the way in which research, results and interpretations are carried out do not reflect the truth of the situation for education in the Eastern Caribbean, which is itself a crisis. He highlighted the importance of knowing the Caribbean context since the certificate of aptitude to prepare for the job market or for universities reaches only 25% of students, those who meet the minimum standard requirements to achieve enrolment.

Next, Sonja Anderson, Coordinator of Data and Evidence, and Nathalie Bienfait, FLC Communications Assistant for INEE presented “INEE and the Learning Agenda: Network Creation and Support for Research”, in which they shared the work carried out by the organization with Latin American countries.

Closing the first panel, Raúl Chacón, Director of KIX LAC and Dr. Maciel Morales Aceitón, a KIX LAC researcher, spoke about “Teacher Perspectives on the Pandemic: Practices, Challenges and Learning”, emphasizing that there are many opportunities for further analysis and research at local, national and regional levels.

The second panel “Educational Research Territory Experiences in Emergency and Crisis Situations”, moderated by Judy-Ann Auld, Director of the Victoria School for Special Education and KIX LAC representative for Guyana, featured presentations by:

Dr. Verna Knight, Coordinator of the Bachelor of Education Program at the University of the West Indies: “In School but Struggling for Success: Barriers

Dr. Charmaine Bissessar, Head of Online Educational Services at the Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning of the University of Guyana, and KIX LAC representative for the country: “Adaptation Mechanisms of two Granada School Teachers during the Pandemic Methodologies and Strategies in the Classroom”.

Idelia Ferdinand, Senior Education Officer of the Ministry of Education of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and KIX LAC representative for the country: “Education in Times of Crisis and Emergency - A Systemic Approach to Education Sector Resilience in SVG’s Multi-hazard Environment”.

Dr. Lefranc Joseph, from Haiti State University: “The Crisis and the Digital Transformation of Education in Haiti: Opportunities and challenges”.

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