Education Policy Innovation Conference (EPIC) Event Report

Education Policy Innovation Conference (EPIC) Event Report
Workshop/Event Report | KIX EAP

Organised by the KIX Europe I Asia I Pacific Hub on 7, 14, 21, 28 October 2021, the first Education, Policy, and Innovation Conference aimed to create a forum for intensifying dialogue between researchers, policymakers, and practitioners from Caucasus, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and beyond.

The conference provided a venue for bridging the, seemingly perennial, gap between research, policy, and practice. In bringing together educational sector experts and policy institutions, the conference mobilized knowledge and provided visibility to national and regional expertise. It welcomed recent data-driven research and best practice, which addressed current national and regional challenges and provided prospective solutions.

COVID-19 and education, Early Childhood Care and Education, Learning Assessment Systems, Teachers and Teaching
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