Webinar: Pedagogical strategies to address challenges in students' learning loss

September 08 2022 11:00 am - 01:00 pm EST
Credit: KIX LAC

Join KIX LAC for a webinar on Thursday September 8th from 11:00am to 1:00pm EDT to hear the findings and recommendations of recent reports on effective practices in teacher training on remedial learning strategies. Participants will collectively reflect on the following themes:

  • Individualization of the teaching process | How do we focus on the differentiated needs of each student? By allowing us to adapt content and levels of demand according to the interests, possibilities and needs of each student.
  • Diagnostic assessment | How and why is it important for teachers to be able to diagnose in a simple, quick and flexible way the learning level of students?
  • Curricular adaptation and flexibility | How can curricular content be adapted and made more flexible in order to be a creative and effective response to situations where students drop out?
  • Active and situated learning | How do we develop pedagogies oriented towards active and situated learning that allow us to maintain the motivation and participation of students?
  • Tutoring and support | How do we guarantee direct and personalized support for students?
  • Community participation | How and why is it important to highlight the role of families and the community in student learning?