Strengthening Knowledge Ecosystems to improve Evidence-informed Decision-making

September 16 2021 07:00 am - 07:00 pm GMT
Strengthening Knowledge Ecosystems to improve Evidence-informed Decision-making
Credit: GPE Jawad Jalali

On September 16, 2021, the Global Partnership for Education Knowledge and Innovation Exchange (KIX) will take part in an event titled “Strengthening Knowledge Ecosystems to improve Evidence-informed Decision-making. The session will examine efforts to strengthen multi-scalar, transnational knowledge ecosystems wherein the exchange and use of relevant evidence, data and knowledge leads to more informed and inclusive national policy dialogues, more effective education sector planning and implementation.


The role of donors will be the focus of this online meeting. Participants will learn what education funders’ research and programming shows about evidence generation and uptake for decision-making, how they are collaborating to strengthen knowledge systems, and how these examples could inform the post-pandemic era to improve planning, governance, and evidence-informed decision making. This includes examining approaches to evidence needs (demand), generation (supply), mobilization, and, ultimately, uptake by national level decision-makers. Central to this is government articulation of needs and use of evidence, knowledge and data, addressing individual and system level drivers and barriers, including capabilities, resources, incentives, access.

In addition, presenters will share specific case studies commissioned or led by member organizations of the Special Interest Group on Education Knowledge Systems Strengthening of the Building Evidence in Education (BE2) group. Participants will be invited to share their experiences and encouraged to discuss the topics brought up in the presentations within dynamic breakout groups.

The event is part of the UKFIET annual conference ( The presenters at this session will include:

  • Ian Macpherson, lead, Knowledge and Innovation Exchange, Global Partnership for Education
  • Kate Ross, Education Research Adviser, Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, UK
  • Andy Cunningham, Global Education Lead, Aga Khan Foundation
  • Tricia Wind, Program Lead, GPE Knowledge and Innovation Exchange, International Development Research Centre
  • Renaud Comba, Manager for the DMS research at UNICEF Innocenti