Knowledge and Information Exchange Workshop Hosted by KIX Africa 21

July 13 2021 10:00 am - 12:00 pm GMT
Virtual Webinar
Event poster

On Thursday, June 24, 2021, the KIX Africa 21 Center and the ImaginEcole project are organizing a workshop for knowledge and innovation exchange with the ten countries involved in the project, as well as the national coordination teams of the 21 other partner countries in the KIX program.


The main objectives of this webinar are:

  1. To strengthen the skills of educational players regarding the challenges of having a regional and national distance-learning environment;
  2. To present the implementation status of the regional learning platform, as well as the links between the national platforms;
  3. To share relevant experiences and difficulties encountered during the implementation of the project in the target countries (connectivity, national vision and ICTE policy documents of the countries, etc.);
  4. To collect concrete elements to identify strategies for the implementation of regional learning platforms in KIX partner countries in order to feed the reflection needed for developing a policy study.


The workshop will be organized in a virtual format, via the ZOOM platform, with presentations on the state of the art of distance-learning devices, and their contribution to the provision and quality of education in partner countries. The moderator will be Professor Claude Lishou, Full Professor at the Ecole Supérieure Polytechnique of the Cheikh Anta Diop University in Dakar, Senegal.

This event is open to our national teams and to the teams of our partner from the KIX Africa 21 hub. For more information, please contact Montresor: